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Technical Sales Position

technical sales opportunity

IBC is seeking someone for a Technical Sales Position [BMS & Field Devices]. Based in Dublin, Intelligent Building Controls Ltd (IBC) is Ireland’s leading player in the provision of building energy management systems and solutions, controllers, measurement and field devices to Builders Merchants, Contractors, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors, System Integrators, and wholesalers. See We […]

GTS LX Series Humidifier


The GTS LX Series Humidifier by DriSteem is the only gas-fired humidifier that combines the highest efficiency on the market with ultra-low NOx in a single design. You can contact IBC anytime for further information on any DriSteem product or, to get started, why not let IBC’s experienced DriSteem representative, Richard Costa, provide you with […]

Integration possibilities of iSMA-B-AAC20

AAC20 integration possibilities

iSMA-B-AAC20 device is a fully programable controller based on the Sedona Framework. It can be used with iSMA Tool, a dedicated software that is extremely similar to the Niagara Workbench and is free to use. IBC’s engineer Szymon Drozdek presents one of iSMA’s more advanced and feature rich controllers and uses practical examples to illustrate […]

One for all and all for one the MVE515 universal actuator

MVE515 actuator

Versatility at a competitive price Controlli’s MVE515 universal actuator is a very flexible electromechanical actuator for the control of two and three-way globe valves usable in heating and air conditioning systems, air handling units; district heating plants; industrial control systems. MVE515 universal actuator guide IBC aim to make things simple, it’s part of what we […]

iSMA MIX and MINI I/O Modules


iSMA MIX and MINI I/O Modules are divided into two series of the same name: MIX and MINI series. These are known for their switchboard cabinet space saving abilities in the MIX38, for example, and the overall power of communication protocols. MIX-ing it up with spacing saving solutions In the MIX series you can find MIX18 and MIX38 devices with 18 (5xUI, […]

Operation of HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic

operation of hvac

The operation of HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed due to building inoccupancy, attempts to create a safer building atmosphere when we return to work, and the need for engineers and other building service personnel to access the BMS remotely. ASHRAE leadership has approved the following two statements regarding transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and […]

Introducing TOSIBOX® Lock 200 Series

TOSIBOX Lock 200

Intelligent Building Controls (IBC) are pleased to announce a new generation in industry leading VPN security for BMS. Introducing TOSIBOX® Lock 200 Series with two efficient connectivity devices: TOSIBOX® Lock 250 with integrated WiFi TOSIBOX® Lock 210 These Lock units provide a secure end-point for any type of operational infrastructure. Whether you are adding to your […]

Controlli Libra PICV: a dynamic balancing act

Libra PICV

Controlli Libra PICV are ideal for use in heating/cooling variable flow systems and provide constant flow regulation within a given range of differential pressure drop. Dynamic balancing eliminates overflows regardless of fluctuating pressure conditions in the system. The main feature of LIBRA valves is that they are valves that can control the water flow independently […]

TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS

TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS

If you’ve heard of TOSIBOX® you may be aware that TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS brings security, savings and efficiency to building automation. You may still be wondering though; how much more security can TOSIBOX VPN security for BMS provide me with than other VPN? Simply put, TOSIBOX is the least complex and most cost […]

Niagara AX: Tridium withdrawing licence support

Further to Tridium’s market announcement withdrawing Niagara AX licences and support, we would like to inform you of how this impacts the Trend product range. As of 30th June 2021: The licence that enables TONN8 to run AX, the TONN-JACE-8000-AX, will be withdrawn from sale Upgrading from an existing TONN 2, 3, 6 or 6E […]