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CO2 sensors in HVAC applications

co2 sensors

The demand for CO2 sensors from IBC customers is on the rise due to the implementation Covid-19 strategies, with occupant health and comfort top of mind. IBC carry a wide range of CO2 transmitters with many, including Industrie Technik, which are in stock at IBC’s warehouse. Browse all sensors or contact an IBC rep who […]

Niagara 4.10 iSMA MAC36NL new features

Niagara 4.10 isma mac36nl

Niagara 4.10 is here for iSMA-MAC36NL. This bestseller is already a very capable controller with features that match the demands of buildings large and small. With the latest update to Niagara 4.10, the MAC36NL continues to evolve delivering even more new features, security updates and bug fixes. This update is included in the new iSMA-B-MAC36NL Files […]

Reliable Controls products declared RoHS 3 compliant

rohs compliant

IBC is pleased to share the recent achievement of one of its Partners in BMS, Reliable Controls, for earning compliance with the EU RoHS 3 Directive (EU 2015/863) for 14 of its core controller products. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products.EU […]

iSMA Controlli merger

isma controlli

Announcing iSMA Controlli, an exciting amalgamation in building automation from two of IBC’s long standing Partners. IBC are pleased to announce the merger of Controlli and Global Control 5 (iSMA). Managing Director for IBC, Michael McKeon, welcomes the merger: “As IBC is the distributor for both companies in Ireland this merger will consolidate operations and […]

Insertion meters technology from ONICON

onicon insertion meters IBC

Technology is a key driver in the evolution of non-traditional BMS products, such as ONICON insertion meters. While traditional meters, like ultrasonic and mechanical meters, are very inexpensive to buy, they come equipped with some drawbacks: Inexpensive to buy but expensive to install (cost increases with size) Meters must be onsite for pipe installation and […]

Embedded Wi-Fi controllers by EasyIO

wi-fi embedded controller

The F-Series from EasyIO by Johnson Controls offers flexibility and unmatched performance offering key outcomes for common installation types. For more on the FS as a mini BMS view here, and for FW view here. Extend network possibilities with embedded Wi-Fi controllers from EasyIO. Outlined below is some common ways to get the most out […]

EasyIO FW Series in small buildings

EasyIO FW Series

EasyIO FW Series by Johnson Controls are the market’s most flexible controllers with robust equipment and space control. Not only is the FW Series a robust piece of hardware it’s also resourceful, making rooftop units, AHU’s, FCUs, or any kind of room-application a mini BMS. As with any EasyIO controller they are flexible enough to […]

EasyIO FS Series in small buildings


EasyIO FS Series by Johnson Controls offers excellent flexibility with a controller that’s fully programmable via EasylO CPT Tools and supports all BMS protocols. The EasyIO FS Series is a great alternative to JACE, especially when a JACE is cost prohibitive. The FS is like a mini BMS that is cost effective, making small-medium sized […]

EasyIO controllers the solution set

EasyIO controllers

IBC stocks a large selection of EasyIO controllers, which offer outstanding performance and unparalleled flexibility in a Building Management System (BMS), all from Johnson Controls. The EasyIO ecosystem is at the core of all its controllers with a couple of key differences: FS EasyIO Controllers the JACE alternative This FS controller is a cost-effective “mini” […]

ONICON clamp on F-4300 ultrasonic

onicon clamp on f-4300

ONICON clamp on, the F-4300 Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Measurement System is now available with optional temperature sensors resulting in a full hydronic energy meter. The F-4300 ONICON clamp on provides a simple solution when it comes to many factors including ordering, configuration, installation and its overall pricing point. ONICON’s F-4300 Thermal Energy Measurement System is […]