One for all and all for one the MVE515 universal actuator

MVE515 actuator


Versatility at a competitive price

Controlli’s MVE515 universal actuator is a very flexible electromechanical actuator for the control of two and three-way globe valves usable in heating and air conditioning systems, air handling units; district heating plants; industrial control systems.

MVE515 universal actuator guide

IBC aim to make things simple, it’s part of what we do. The MVE515 universal actuator offers a flexible solution for a wide selection of valves, Controlli brand and beyond. Use IBC’s original guide to find the right valve to place with this actuator. Download your guide here

MVE515 and globe valve

Additional tech info

The actuator can be controlled either by a proportional (modulating) or by a floating signal. Installing and connecting the actuator is very simple. It is possible to mount it directly on all types of CONTROLLI flanged valves, while for the CONTROLLI threaded valves and for the valves of other manufacturers, connection kits are available. The actuator has a very high resolution (500 steps over the entire stroke range) for precise control of the fluid temperature and is able to self-calibrate on different strokes without the need for user intervention (this function is selectable through the DIP switches present).
MVE is equipped with diagnostic functions which, in the event of faults, indicate the specific problem by means of 2 LEDs (RED and GREEN) located on the control board.

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