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The Adiatec High Pressure System, from IBC partner DriSteem, is a high-pressure atomisation system that offers a range of benefits for evaporative cooling and humidification. ​ With its energy-efficient design, it provides both direct and indirect evaporative cooling, effectively lowering the dry bulb air temperature while raising the relative humidity level. ​This system is highly versatile, with multiple zone capabilities in air handlers, ducts, and open spaces. ​ It also offers complete water treatment options, ensuring the use of high-quality water for optimal performance. The Humidifier is suitable for a variety of applications, including printing/packaging, data centres, indoor agriculture, and manufacturing facilities, where it can utilize heat gain sources for efficient vaporization of water. ​With its low maintenance requirements and the option for fan-assist in open spaces, this high-pressure atomisation system provides sustained quality and dependability for effective cooling and humidification needs. ​

Adiatec High Pressure System
DriSteem Adiatec high-pressure system provides evaporative cooling and humidification in multiple zones and in a wide variety of applications.

Adiatec High Pressure System Key Features

DriSteem’s Adiatec High-Pressure System sets a new standard in precision humidity control. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail, this system offers unparalleled performance and efficiency for a diverse range of applications while offering the additional benefits of evaporative cooling. Features at a glance include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Provides both direct and indirect evaporative cooling 12 lbs/hr (5 kg/hr) = 1 ton of cooling
  • Multiple zone capabilities in air handlers, ducts, and open spaces
  • Complete water treatment options available from DriSteem
  • Fan-assist available for open space applications
  • Refer to the catalogue sheet for further technical details.
Adiatec High Pressure System
Most advanced nozzle technology

Advanced, Efficient Cooling and Humidification

  • As ultra-fine water particles are absorbed in the air, the evaporative cooling effect reduces the building’s cooling load.
  • Provide significant energy savings when cooling and humidifying simultaneously: Every pound of atomized humidification removes about 1000 Btu of heat from the air (every kg of atomized humidification removes approximately 2250 kJ of heat from the air)

Large Capacity and Design Flexibility

  • Steam capacities from 250 to 5500 lbs/hr (113 to 2495 kg/h)
  • Humidify and cool multiple zones with differing needs using one system
  • Available with all stainless steel piping for greater hygiene and VDI 6022 certification

Low Maintenance

  • The water-lubricated stainless steel pump is designed to run for 8000 hours before it’s first maintenance check – competing oil-lubricated pump need oil change every 500 hours
  • Stainless steel dispersion nozzles and manifolds require no regular maintenance
  • Pair with DriSteem’s water treatment solutions to provide ultra-pure water that leaves no white dust, and to extend the lifetime operation of the High-Pressure System.

Product Literature

Download technical documentation for Adiatec High-Pressure System and related products.

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