Established in 2005, IBC is an Irish-owned business-to-business entity specialising in value-added distribution of energy-saving building management systems and controllers. Collaborating with System Integrators, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Companies, Engineering Consultants, Facility Managers, and Facility Management Companies, IBC delivers the highest quality products and systems to develop the most effective energy efficient buildings possible.


Product Categories

IBC offers products and solutions from leading manufacturers across key HVAC and smart building categories, including:

BMS Controllers

I/O Modules

Valves & Actuators



Air Quality

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Mission statement


To be the automatic first choice supplier of Building Energy Management Systems, peripherals and software in the Republic of Ireland, UK and worldwide.

How IBC Achieves This

IBC place major emphasis on providing the highest quality and most innovative products possible, with energy efficiency being at the core of the business model.

IBC Partners and Brands

Explore IBC's industry leading Partners and other Brands accessible through our business networks.

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Air Monitor

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AXIOMA meters

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